James Carpenter

James was a high achiever at grammar school until November 2013 when he started with “tight band” headaches. Doctors believed this was due to stress at school.

He then started with neck and back pain and had difficulty swallowing. His GP said it was Glandular Fever. He then started with double vision which the optician changed his prescription for. His last symptom was tingly hands and feet.

His parents took him to A&E for the third time where he was finally given blood tests and an MRI scan. It was discovered that James had a large brain tumour which was causing hydrocephalus.

Emergency surgery happened the following day to fit a shunt but it was discovered that the tumour position made it inoperable.

Six weeks later, James and his family flew to Oklahoma in order for him to receive Proton Beam Therapy.

The doctors have stated that the tumour was slow growing and could have been present for a number of years. James had also started puberty very early which could also have been caused by his tumour.

James had to give up his place at grammar school as he has been left with significant memory loss and other numerous side effects which control his body functions. These are currently managed with medication, hormone treatment and physiotherapy.

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